Sunday, April 5, 2009

1-2-3 Not It!! Tag- Your It.....

I was sort of hoping for a photo a little more fun than this one...BUT anyhoo. This was actually taken last weekend during my trip to the so. cal beach coast. The weather was perfect and it wasn't too crowded....and the food was REALLY freakin' good. It was a nice little get away and I'm always up for feelin the sand between my toes :) You can take the girl from the ocean but you can't take the ocean from the girl. Recently I have been aching to go back to my old stomping grounds on the Eastern Shore where I grew up just to see if things are anything like what I remember. maybe soon.'ll tag Mummy, Brittney, Nan, and uh............Anyone who reads my posts and wants to join in :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

"I'm Sorry Sir.....!"

I know this one is lengthy...but it gets a little humor me and read so that I feel like someone feels for me............... So I work for a temp agency at the moment and I have to say I've had some fun jobs. The nice thing is its always in a different place doing a different job and meeting lots of new people. HOWEVER!!! you must always have a little salt with the sugar. Let me humor you a little.

I was scheduled to work the Home Depot Manager Convention at Mandalay Bay, my job description wasn't told to me at first other than a standing only job. I was to report at 5:15a.m. which I did. A a group of twelve of us were taken downstairs into the convention area where the scene was as follows... A large area color coordinated in three colors; green, yellow and orange. The tables were decorated with BRIGHT table cloths in the above colors....on top of the tables were giant weather balloons also the color of the table comes MY job. I (along with the 12 other workers) were given 10ft. dowels with giant signs on the top that read "GREEN" "YELLOW" and "ORANGE"...also colored. I was to stand in the middle of the floor hearding the middle aged men who have been awarded the position of store manager, just in case they missed the table cloths and the weather balloons...I bet you'll never guess what their reactions are to that.
So two hours of being a human info sign and it was time to change positions. The product walk area that held the materials everyone was there to look at was separated into sections that they had enclosed....the green area, yellow area, and orange area. Each group was to spend 90 minutes in their assigned area and they were not to leave their job was to act as a human barricade and tell these men that they were not allowed to leave the fact my line was "I'm sorry sir, you're not allowed to leave the area." ....but I have to pee....."I'm sorry sir you're going to have to speak to your management about that"......ELEVEN HOURS OF TELLING GROWN MEN THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE! any idea what their reaction was to that???
Day Two: a repeat of day one.....EXCEPT...........after the breakfast color coordinating human herding fiasco...and then moved into my human barricade position, they opened all the sections for a half hour so that the attendees could roam through each section. But by this point everyone was so sick of being told they were not allowed to leave they had all given up trying to roam.......So the supervisor comes up to me and says..."Could you please mingle in the sections and let everyone know they are free to roam about?" WHAT?!?!? ok....right......then I was to come back to the main entrance to make sure they didn't leave the main product area.......yeah...ok.
Half hour supervisor comes back to me and says..."ok, well the product walk is closing and everyone has meetings in ten minutes...I need you to go through and tell everyone they need to get out"...............................................................................right....ok.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gingerbread House with My Mummy

What Christmas is complete without the traditional gingerbread house made by mummy and daughter?? Of course we did have a little help from Cat...every time Mum got up to go get something, Cat would be curled up and faking sleep by the time she came back to sit down. Mum even tried a decoration and found out it was plastic :) the things you do for love :)

Well, this was our little house....I think its kind of cute :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Alternate Career???

So I'm bored. Waiting for mum to call from the airport so I can go pick her up. Nothing to blog about. So here are my halloween pumpkins...I've decided I don't like taking the guts out...nope, not at all. Well, here you pumpkins. I figure if I get kicked out of the program at school I can become a professional pumpkin carver :)

OOOh, perfect timing...she just called and I just finished.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Things They Never Tell You.....

No one ever tells you that you're not supposed to itch your eye with the same finger you used to fish out the peperoncinis you ate for lunch.....and there's no warning tab on the eye drop bottle that says "Do not use this to soothe irritation caused by peperoncini juice 'cause it makes tear gas that will cause your eye to tear and burn for the next forty minutes."

No need to thank me....
No one ever tells you that you're not supposed to eat a pb&J sandwitch while you bleach the toilet. Its called multi tasking. is what the bottle doesn't warn you about.
Holding a pb&j sandwitch in one hand, do not attempt to place the conveniently shaped Lysol bottle with the spout thingy pointing upwards between your knees and apply pressure while you squeeze the cap and twist with your pb&j-free hand because here's what happens.....the pressure inside the bottle builds up...and the moment that you release that pressure, the little bit of Lysol that gets trapped right under the cap shoots like a bullet precisely and accurately and goes right up under your glasses hitting you smack in your eye.
What follows is rather pathetic. You drop your half eaten pb&j in the toilet and go running to your land lady who has to hold you down while she flushes out your eye with saline solution. When you recover you have to fish out your sandwitch so that it doesn't clog the toilet......which still hasn't gotten cleaned. need to thank me.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Walking the Ridgepole of the Roof my mother wasn't quite so thrilled with the last blog and gave me a LAUNDRY LIST of the things that I SHOULD blog about...SO, here goes...I had made only two New Years Resolutions this year. The first was to go skydiving. Check. The second was that I wanted to complete a Century Race. (for those of you not quite sure what exactly that is....that is a 100 mile bike race, on a bike that you pedal, with no motor, and its done in a single day/afternoon) Well it just so happens that in Norwalk, California, a small town about 40 miles south of Los Angeles was holding a community outreach support something or other century race. So I sent them my money (yes you actually PAY THEM so that YOU can ride 100 miles on thier roads) September 20 was the the set aside day.

I trained as much as I could through the summer but when the temperature goes over 110 degrees before 10am...its really hard to find the motivation to get up and ride great distances at 4am. But I did the best I could.................and then school started. WRENCH in my training! I figured since I already spent the money, and TOLD everyone that I was going to finish the race I had better WOman up and go through with it. How hard could it really be, right? So a friend of mine said that one week before the day if I could ride 60 miles I would be able to finish the whole 100. Up until this point (the WEEK before the ride) the furthest distance I had gone was about 45 miles.

Well, since mum had made other travel plans for that weekend(no feeling bad mother)...I enlisted the moral support of my super-est cousin...NICOLE!! (of course I had to bribe her with a trip to Disneyland)

The big day arrived, and my super-est cousin Nicole dropped me off at 6am and stayed with me until the whistle blew and we were OFF! Surprisingly enough, for the first 50 miles I stayed with the first 15 people (all of which were men) out of 200+ riders. Woohoo!!!

By mile 60 I pulled off for the rest stop and I thought my legs were painted on. Not a lot of pain, mainly because I couldn't FEEL ANYTHING. Mind over matter...soldier on. But at this point I was nearing the coast by Manhattan Beach and the the wind was picking up....A LOT. Mile 70...I pulled off to the side of the path and made "the call". Bawling like a baby I said that I couldn't go any lungs felt like they were going to implode, every muscle was screaming and my legs felt like they were filled with lead. My mother told me how proud she was of me...that I didn't need to prove anything to anyone and I didn't have to finish. Well this was my moment to walk the ridgepole of Moody's roof...everyone knew I was there for the 100 miles.

It was honestly the hardest thing I have ever done in my life but knowing I had conquered and finished compares to NOTHING :)

And of course the following day I was good on my promise...the Happiest Place on Earth was calling to my super-est cousin and I......where all your dreams come true.



Monday, November 3, 2008

The Lone Cyprus Club

So I'm wondering if its pathetic that all of my family has wonderful stories to tell about their families and their children...the do's and don't's of parenting, the "you'll never guess what Johnny did at school today" stories...Well not siree Bob!

No...I am the lone ranger...the "single female with a cat and no social life with a freezer full of lean cuisines." I suppose it hits everyone Christmas time when they notice the 'one lone stocking' hanging above the fireplace, or when you call the chinese place and THEY give YOU your order......yes, those of us in the boat alone have all experienced "that moment"

However my 'moment' seemed to come to me as I was browsing the pictures saved in my computer. I have pictures from Erupoe, Florida, California, Mexico, Hawaii, birthdays....98% of which I am smiling by didn't hit me until I realized that the only other pictures I have of "someone else" are all Dr. Greg House. A rough guesstimate of about 30 or so pictures all downloaded. hit me...and what do we do during those moments of 'how did I get here in life'...we head for the comfort food. That didn't help...there smiling back at me plastered all over the front of my refridgerator door is none other than Dr. Sarcasm himself.

So, since I have no interesting family children swallowing drill bits or pictures of my adorable baby in a yoda costume, no husband 'fixing' the kitchen sink or artistic expressions of carving names into the sides of a car....I figured if you can't beat 'em you might as well join 'em. So instead of pitying my "lone cyprus" status y'all get to read about the only other person I have pictures of.

Kinda pathetic, huh? :)

This is a dedication to the rest of the 'lone cyprus' members.....

(hey Dave thanks for the newest and best addition to my Hugh pics!)